Monitor Repair at Hughes Computer Services

Monitor Repair

     Personal computers today are comprised of two primary components, the computer itself and the monitor which displays the computers output. Today's monitors are flat panel LCD types that offer large widescreen formats which require very little desktop space and are very light weight when compared to their large and heavy glass CRT predecessors. Unlike the older CRT monitors of the past, today's flat panel types can be cost effectively repaired when they suffer component failures. Often times repair costs are an affordable alternative when compared to the expense of purchasing a new monitor, especially when dealing with larger display models. Light weight components mean smaller shipping charges which also aid in keeping repair costs down.


Monitor Repair at Hughes Computer Services

Power On

     One of the most common component failures of an LCD monitor is the power supply unit. While voltage surges can cause premature failure of this part, heat can also cause inferior parts to give way causing the unit to malfunction. Often simply replacing failed original components with those of a slightly higher quality can easily resolve this type of component failure. In more severe cases of voltage overload the entire board assembly may need to be replaced. These types of relatively simple repairs can be an affordable alternative to purchasing a new monitor.


Monitor Repair at Hughes Computer Services

Light On

     Over time and with frequent use the lamp used to illuminate the monitors display will dim and eventually cease to function. When this happens the screen will appear to be dark and void of picture, closer examination using a flashlight may reveal the image being displayed. If this is the case then most likely your lamp has expired and needs to be replaced. Replacing the lamp requires disassembly of the LCD screen itself and is a tedious and time consuming task. Depending on the size of the monitor this may also be an affordable repair solution.


Monitor Recycling at Hughes Computer Services

Recycle Discount

     While Hughes Computer Services provides extensive monitor repair services, unfortunately not all the LCD Monitors we are tasked with fixing are recommended for repair. For those repairs which are not cost effective to perform we do offer a recycling program for our customers. Depending on the size of the monitors involved, often times we may be able to provide a discount to those customers who choose to purchase a new monitor from us while depositing their broken units for recycling purposes. If you are not sure what your options are, please give us a call or contact us and we will be glad to discuss the alternatives to expensive impersonal repair outlets or repurchasing a new LCD monitor.