System Restore at Hughes Computer Services

System Recovery

     If your system has been damaged beyond repair by a virus or you have suffered catastrophic hard drive failure we can restore your computer's operating system to it's original condition. If you have backed up your data we can also put the pieces back together for you. Often times users purchase machines that have the operating system restore disks on a hidden partition. If you suffer catastrophic hard drive failure you will find yourself in need of factory restore disks not originally distributed with your machine at the time of purchase. We can obtain these for you, provide the required new hard drive and restore your system to it's original factory condition.


Data Transfer at Hughes Computer Services

Data Transfer

     Hughes Computer Services provides data transfer for those customers who are migrating from one machine to another. Perhaps you have suffered a hardware failure that is not cost effective to repair or it is just time to upgrade to a faster computer, whatever the reason; if you are migrating to a new computer and need to transfer your data we can help. Hughes Computer Services will recover and collect your data and transfer it from your old machine to your new personal computer or laptop. Occasionally files and settings can be difficult to retrieve especially if they are on a drive that is not operating. This type of passive data recovery can require special techniques and software to recover settings such as those found in programs like Outlook that store them in the registry or hidden files. Our data recovery services ensure your transition will be a smooth one.


     Hughes Computer Services provides extensive data recovery and transfer services. Here at Hughes Computer Services we perform any and all types of personal computer repair that will not require sending your machine off to an unknown destination for an undisclosed length of time, from which it may or may not return with all your data still intact. From the most common things like virus removal and software conflicts to more advanced procedures like data recovery and data transfer, all work will be conducted locally in our repair facility. If your computer is down and you are not sure what your options are, please give us a call or contact us and we will be glad to discuss the alternatives to expensive impersonal repair outlets or repurchasing a new personal computer.