Virus Removal at Hughes Computer Services

Virus Removal

     If you have been using outdated or inferior virus protection software and have been active on the web following links and reading e-mail, it is understandable if you are experiencing problems. If you suspect that your machine is infected because of it's behavior such as running slow, erratic software errors or program warnings, etc. you most likely have an infection. Virus infections can be a serious threat as they often log your key strokes at flagged sites such as banks, e-bay, stores, etc. then send themselves to your friends via your address book and finally deliver a crippling payload that may leave your machine unusable while hackers have access to your accounts.


Malware Removal at Hughes Computer Services

Malware Removal

     If your friends are telling you they are getting infected e-mails from you then it is time to call us for help. If you are getting pop-up windows trying to get you to buy software to remove infections you are a victim and you need our help. We have vast experience dealing with all types of viral and malware (malicious software) infections. We will get your machine cleaned and educate you on how to avoid these types of infections in the future, we will provide a solution to your current problems as well as long term software protection. We use several software tools to clean and remove all instances of malware infections on your computer, each tool specialized in dealing with different kinds of coded malware infections. A vast majority of the time we can clean your machine and recover your system and files successfully.


     Hughes Computer Services provides extensive virus removal and system recovery services. Here at Hughes Computer Services we perform any and all types of personal computer repair that will not require sending your machine off to an unknown destination for an undisclosed length of time, from which it may or may not return with all your data still intact. From the most common things like virus removal and software conflicts to more advanced repairs like hard drive replacement or motherboard repairs, all work will be conducted locally in our repair facility. If your computer is down and you are not sure what your options are, please give us a call or contact us and we will be glad to discuss the alternatives to expensive impersonal repair outlets or repurchasing a new personal computer.